Nourish: New York

"Not only are we in the universe, but the universe is in us. I don’t know any deeper spiritual feeling than what that brings upon me."

—Neil deGrasse Tyson

Self-nourishment is a gift rare enough to be considered revolutionary. In the wake of five am alarm jingles and piles of warm Keurig pods, we are the queens and kings of urban adulting. We are champions of hustling and exchanging peace for more of the pie. There is a cost to living and dreaming in a city that never sleeps. We know that going in; the lore of the city is true.

Before we receive the fullness of a gift, we first give and accept its permissions. Permission is awareness. And the depth of our permission is the depth of our awareness.The core of our permission grants us access to the core of our being.   Our permissions fit us with accomplishment and agency. Permissions are daring olives branches and empowering choice-matter to get us from where we are to where we really want to be. In our folded darkness, we turn toward the light within.

The permission to move beyond the peace you know.

The permission to be willing to be willing.

The permission to rejuvenate, in small increments and large stretches.

The permission to accept uncomfortable emotions and not act from them.

The permission to allow and nourish.



Self-restoration is a healing paradox, an engagement with stillness and an agreement to actively allow. To self-nourish is to cultivate with care. Self-restoration comes in waves, and send messages in a language of pain. The fullest expression of our nourishment will depend more or less on our permission to give ourselves what we need. Our restoration will come with fits. We will want to and we will resist. There will be opportunities when paradox is paramount: the fullest action, the fullest letting go, or great rest will be the great activity. When we drive our being with conscious permission, we gain nourishment on the physical, mental and spiritual plane.

Allow a give-and-take of day-to-day nourishment: self-to-self. To restore you on every level is to re-engage and recenter with the great energy found in you. It only requires a simple yes to our wellbeing. 

Where there is authentic power, there is a direct connection with our essential selves.  

 When we look with awareness, we find our light. 

Balasana, better known by its friendly moniker Child’s Pose, harkens a time when we first folded and felt nourished. We begin first a Fibonacci sequence carried from one place to the next. We were a folded beginning in a new world, exponentially aware of our existence and presence. Then we grew further and now recreate this scene over and over again. The mechanics, intentions and participants around us change, but the comfort and release offered in this conscious folding is tangible. Now we fold with intention, to find relief and play. We center. We fold to get closer to our bodies and to listen. We hear our cadences: breathing, pulse, feelings, thoughts. We fold and fall asleep. We fold forward, release. We are animals who mirror basic patterns. We are basic patterns mirroring other animals.

[It feels infinitely better to be an active love. To embody the universal sensation.]



As part of the restorative series in yoga, balasana is an exercise of self-care and its requisite permissions. In this pose we are a resting and compact bullet of self-connection. Returned to the Folded, we remember a state of reception and stillness, both of which are ours to access at will. In conscious folding our senses heighten; we become aware that we are the lightness in our bones and the cardinal slide in our veins. There is a time for strenuous activity and there is a time for rest. You, and you alone, will fill your sails when the time is right to venture forth.  You, and you alone, will hug your body and fill it with every light. You, and you alone, will find real love in the rhythmic dark; it will be yours and you will have carried it this whole way. You alone will do this, and you alone will not. Fold and find your length. Fold and accept your power. Conscious collapse makes room for your expansion. Introversion fulfills the promise of your next most extroverted effort. Relaxed, conscious connection with the body makes room for your expansion.

Restorative poses teach us that we bravely and wholly hold our own space. We become bodies of trust; in ourselves, in stillness, in awareness. It isn’t that we can’t accomplish much of this in strenuous activity; in fact, we can and do. Authenticity and active self-possession. Restoration finds a reception to healing. Restoration is a welcome home. A coming into homeostasis; a wreckage explored and alive.we connect with awareness, maitri (compassion) and the power within.

Conscious folding coupled with conscious breathing recreates a balance and shift in our current physical and mental state.What the shift is exactly will be unique to you and your journey. Accepting what comes up is the key to moving forward to a bigger life.