Stop trying to ‘let go’ of a thought or a feeling.
When you are trying to ‘let go’, you are in resistance.
Let go of the very idea of ‘letting go’. It is a second-hand idea, old, dead.
Instead, simply be with the thought or feeling.
Be present with it. Breathe into it. Give it space.
Let it be here, for as long as it needs to be here.
Let it stay, if it wants to stay.
Let it hang out in this silent presence.
Let it go, if it wants to go. Let it come back, if it wants to come back.
Stop trying to ‘let go’ of it; then, in the safety of this effortless love, deep within your Heart, it lets go of its fear of you, and its addiction. And it is free to wander, to return, to leave again, to come back.
For something deep within you ‘let go’ several billion years ago.

Jeff Foster 


(via abiding-in-peace)