You know something we don’t get taught often?  Why bodies with uteri often have a slight pouche. You wanna know why? Because the uterus leans against the outside wall of the abdominal cavity. The uterus is literally making that little pouche, the belly that we call fat all the fucking time, and that’s why it’s so fucking hard to get a absolutely flat belly! And thank fuck for having a female anatomy professor who is old enough and feminist enough to not give a damn and cheerfully tell us all the details that a male professor might have thought unimportant.  Cause fuck this society that ignores organs in order to fat-shame us.

I had no idea. Like, absolutely no idea.

i did not know this at all

I have known for a long time but ONLY BECAUSE!! of this drawing guide for Lilo and Stitch that specifically directs the artists to draw the lil uterus bulge. I saw it many years ago and I think about it every time I look at myself and feel bad for not seeing a straight line.