Most Of You Worship A Picture


Most of you worship a picture, and when that picture becomes alive you wish that it had not, for that picture will tell you to go within yourselves, and not to worship that which is destructible, a mere canvas that can be torn. When that picture tells you to go within and there discover the Kingdom of Reality, the Kingdom of Truth, the Kingdom of Happiness and Liberation, you find it difficult because it requires thought, it requires training, it requires self-examination, self-criticism, which very few of you are willing to go through. You require some great miracle to transport you to the mountain-top. You are waiting for some Divine Manifestation to exhibit Himself miraculously, amidst thunder and lightning, and give you some medicine, which will transform you, purify you and give you strength, to leap to the mountain-top.

J. Krishnamurti
Ommen Camp Fire Talks, 1927
By What Authority