I want to share with you that when I was working on the cruise ship recently presenting Laughter Yoga sessions and also mini talks on Happiness, Neuro Plasticity, Stress reduction etc..(which is my most recent dream manifestation) I was joyful and happy 99 per cent of the time for 13 days. I was so powerful I would just think~ I would like….and not even finish and there it was.
I was in the theatre waiting for the show to start, I was alone, happy and my body was moving to the music, I was enjoyong the moment, suddenly one of my favourite waiters appeared with a glass of pink champagne, ’ from a secret admirer’….just perfect.
After the show , I went to look at a professional photo that was taken earlier and when I went to buy it…the young man said…Sssh!….and with body language told me it was a gift.
Every day, at least twice a day, I had waiters (2 different ones) sing to me.
I had people come to me every where I went, laughing and smiling and being Joyful. I had children running to hug me, calling me Laughter Lady. At the end of the cruise I had many crew asking if I will return again.
My friends who were with me, said they will never forget, observing how I changed peoples lifes in many ways, not just in my presentations but how I spoke to them in person. I could tell many stories about those 13 days but it would take way too long.

All I will say, that the most important thing, is to be true to you, in your own uniqueness. The happier you are within yourself, about yourself, the more magic you attract to yourself. Beauty is much deeper than skin, Happiness and Joy creates beauty from within, people are attracted to it.
Abraham says continually
Get Happy~ so just do it ~ find ways to laugh regularly and Get Happy.
Happiness really does work like a magnet.
You are Blessed, You are Loved, and most of all ~ You are Worthy….

Cazza Rowe

What an inspiration!

(via thehappyrealityproject)