I want an inverse spy flick. The spy is a woman. Her whole team is made up of diverse women. All the villains are women. There is only one man in the entire movie and he is a Strong Male Character who is like 25 and decently ripped and has a scene where he slowly steps out of a pool wearing speedos because he is Confident and In Control of His Sexuality. We see his ass when he has to tug down his pants to get at the knife strapped to his thigh. His nipples are always erect for no fucking reason.

They are undercover in a nightclub. In order to keep their cover from being blown, he has to kiss another man. 

He knits to relieve stress and to keep his mind sharp. It is never discussed by any of the characters. 

Someone asks him how he knows how to do Traditionally Feminine Thing. “I have four sisters,” he answers.

This is also how he knows how to fight while armed with nothing but a purse, a high heel shoe, and a can of hair spray.  During this fight, he is, for no apparent reason, shirtless.