1)      Who or what does this work care for? Love
2)      How do you talk about/look at white supremacy and patriarchy or (…) without further brutalizing the black or female (…) body in the work?
3)      Make a list of the bodies in your work and the verbs attributed to each. When we are writing/filming/painting, what verbs do we attribute to each body (according to race, class, gender, etc.)? What does this tell us about our eye(s)?
4)      What are our tendencies? And where might we need to make critical space for joy and tenderness in the remembering, so that our own imaginations (gesture by gesture, line by line) aren’t rendered by the values of white supremacy or violence as we resist it?
— Aracelis Girmay, A Tending  (via ahundredjarsofsky)
Source: http://blog.americansforthearts.org/2014/1...