Victoria A. Nightingale

Senior consultant and strategic advisor specializing in integrated digital marketing, omnichannel content creation, and creative development.
Currently based in New York City.


For more than thirteen years, I’ve partnered with organizations across twelve industries to identify key marketing challenges and develop strategic plans that engage and convert key audiences worldwide. 

As a longstanding creative and strategic partner, my goal is to ensure aesthetic, engaging, and meaningful experiences across the digital landscape and help organizations achieve their biggest brand dreams.   

A passionate leader who eagerly envisions new possibilities and creative solutions for rapidly changing digital landscapes and dynamic customer expectations in the Age of the Consumer.

A courageous leader and engaging storyteller adept at working collaboratively to develop scalable vision and actionable results, and harnessing success through clarity of vision, clear expectations, and a focused path to execution.

A business solutions provider who equally values the art and science of marketing, the application of multi-tiered digital technology, and big data to optimize brand strategies, deliver exceptional audience experiences, and deploy campaigns that earn engagement, choice, and relationship.

A cross-functional leader who employs thought leadership and a transpersonal service approach in order to unleash unbridled creativity, out-of-the-box ideation and problem solving, collaboration and open challenges to inspire meaningful contributions towards the goal and to those we have been entrusted to serve: our key audiences.

Specialities: Global marketplaces, strategic advisement, brand development, integrated marketing programs, digital marketing strategy, digital transformation, client partnerships, partner marketing, content development, creative development, full-scale analytics, marketing automation

Industries: Management consulting, leadership development, marketing and communications, publications, healthcare, consumer, small-and-medium enterprises and startups, luxury, information technology, legal (intellectual property), nonprofits and associations, creative consultancies, digital agencies